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Caesar salad, with Serbosco Beer Sauce


Grated parmesan (for the parmesan bucket) 80 g
New salad 30 g
songino salad (valerianella) 30 g
Emmental cheese 60 g
fresh bread slices 2
Serbosco Beer Sauce to taste.
olive oil to taste
Clove of fresh garlic (optional) 1
salt to taste

Parmesan bucket preparation

  • Take a small no stick pan and put it on the heat to warm up.
  • Lower the heat and scatter the grated parmesan in the pan.
  • Wait for the parmesan to melt and thicken, then take a spatula and turn it upside down.
  • Continue the cooking for a few seconds then remove the pan and lay the parmesan wafer on top of a bowl to give it the concave form.
  • Repeat this entire process for the second wafer.
  • Let it cool down completely before trying to remove from the bowl.

Ingredient preparation

  • Wash the 2 salad types and put them aside to dry.
  • Take the cheese and cut it in little cubes.
  • Cut the fresh bread into small cubes, then set it aside.
  • Take a small no stick pan and with some oil put it on the heat.
  • Add the garlic and let it brown (optional)
  • Add the bread cubes and let them brown. Then put them aside.

Caesar salad preparation

  • Take the parmesan bucket and lay some salad of both types inside.
  • Add the cheese and bread cubes.
  • Pour the Serbosco Beer Sauce over the salad and serve.

For the recipe we thank www.mumcakefrelis.it