sautèed mushrooms Bosco Pizza

It presents itself in oil, it can be used as a ready to use ingredient, or it can be stir-fried with fresh aromas in a cooking pan, depending on the final usage. Ideal for first and second dishes, side dishes or pizzas.

5 Flavours: Nameko, Volvariella Voracea, Champignons, Stropharia, Lactarius

Tin 2/1— Pizzas: 24 portions

Tin 2/1— Second dishes: 24/26 portions

Tin 2/1— Side dishes: 14/16 portions

Cod Description Conf Q.ty min Box plt. shelf life
11205 Sautèed Mushrooms Bosco Pizza 2/1 Tin 1900 g 6 50 36 months